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    Spoiler alert: We will not be offering the Dunk Low Pro Grateful Dead release to the general public. Due to the limited stock we receive (rarely a full size run) on quick strike SB’s, you can go ahead and scratch Mom‘s Sweet Shop off your call list; permanently.  From here out we will only sell these releases to local and/or our most loyal customers who we know support our shop regularly, have personally expressed interest to us WHILE IN THE SHOP, or have purchased QuickStrikes or NikeSB from us in the past. There are never enough to go around on any release so just because you may meet one of these criteria does not mean you’re automatically slotted a spot to cop a pair of these shoes! I’m in my shop every day, if you’ve expressed interest to me in person- IN MY SHOP- if I personally know your name and have your number in my phone, if we’ve held an actual conversation...I will reach out.

    As a very small shop in an isolated area, we don’t even receive a full size run, we don’t receive enough to touch even 1% of the interest we get on these releases via calls, DM’s and emails. And while we appreciate the sharing of our shop information by Nike SB, ever since they went public with that shop list, our phone line, email and DM‘s have been annihilated with inquiries from complete bozos about quick strike releases. We do more than sell Nike here at Mom's! We use our phone line to take call in orders for our sweet shop and the interference has become out of control, and makes our job unmanageable. Add to it the fact that a majority of the calls we receive are from entitled strangers with rude attitudes and agitated responses when told our waitlist is full....and that’s the end of it. We're throwin' in the towel bro. And people can throw whatever claims they want back at us… accuse us of back dooring shoes, of selling the whole lot to the same person....that we don’t even really get them at all (LOL). Attribute whatever explanation makes you feel better about missing out on them but you know what? WE pay for these shoes...our account with NikeSB got these shoes in our shop... our business license and 10 years in business put this box on our doorstep! MOM’S SWEET SHOP pays for these, therefore if we, as the owners of Mom’s Sweet Shop choose to sell them to customers we personally know on a first name basis, and if we decide to reach out to them to see if they want a size from this drop… that is our prerogative! It’s called capitalism and as far as we know we‘re still currently living under it. We are not obligated to hold a raffle or do a trick contest or save a size for anyone. It is not our responsibility to create spread sheets or send an email blast to provide a 'fair & balanced' release to the general public- we aren't journalists, we're retailers.

    Lastly, if you want a chance at these sort of drops, we have only ONE suggestion… Go support your local skate shops! Point blank, period. We don’t know what else to tell you. Get to know the owners or managers- become a familiar fixture in your local scene! Maybe then you’ll get that call you’re looking for. Until we meet and you a homie- there is no need to call the shop or my personal number- our waitlist is full.