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    We hand select our vintage from all over the country, primarily searching for decades from the 1950’s through the 1990’s. We love a good flea market, antique house or estate auction, and will even hit up yard sales! Occasionally we use wholesalers from around the world to source our vintage apparel but the bulk buying doesn't seem to work well for us, so we don't use this method often. We focus on laid back, easy to wear pieces & classics that can transition with you from style to style & year to year. We inspect each garment, laundering, dry-cleaning & repairing as needed, then photograph & measure each item that goes online. Some repairs can be extensive & will sometimes need to be sent off (in the case of furs, leather, etc). All of these factors, along with the age & commonality of the garment are considered when pricing our vintage apparel & home goods. We may occasionally overlook a minor ripped seam, missing button or small stain so please let us know if you find something like this in our racks. Sometimes a small flaw may be ignored if it does not affect the wearability or look of the garment. 

    We do our best to provide accurate measurements & photos of our vintage, as well as notate any flaws or blemishes when listing online. Due to such, these items can not be returned for fit or minor imperfections. Please keep in mind that our vintage items (unless otherwise noted as Deadstock) are pre-loved, pre-owned items from the past. They may show natural signs of wear or age, and we feel these marks add character & authenticity to the garments we sell.

    See a term in our descriptions that you don't understand? Check out our glossary below for more information.

    VINTAGE: any article of clothing or piece of homeware that is over 15 years old. We aim for 20 years of age on our vintage apparel.

    DEADSTOCK: never worn vintage clothing that is usually acquired with tags still attached. (See also NOS, NOSWT)

    NOS: New Old Stock

    NOSWT: New Old Stock with Tags

    ILGWU: International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union; these labels are useful in identifying a lot of early women's apparel. They changed from decade to decade and are often how we're able to pinpoint a garment to a specific era.

    ANTIQUE: a garment that is 80-100 years old. 

    Interested in selling something you have? Email Derik or Jessica at MomsSweetShop@gmail.com, and let's talk!