Status check w/ YP Posted on 04 Dec 07:51

Whatup it's YP, your favorite skaters least favorite skater to play in a game of skate. I'm checking in on the worldwide and local skate scene and giving my useless but hopefully slightly humorous insight.

So P-rod made this company called Primitive and is putting all the illest skaters in the game on. How Bastien got on is just as big a mystery to me too bruh and I'm no Robert Langdon so forget figuring that out. I'm personally down with Primitive, mostly because most of their shit has big P's on it and that's all it really takes to get me stoked. Show me a parking sign and I'm taking a selfie with it. Easy to please. Anyways super recently Shane Oneill joined P-rods cast of rippers and that was about as surprising as the end of Titanic. It was a pretty obvious move to me that ole wallaby was just waiting for the new coolest thing to be a part of and bam, he did. He also dropped a 'welcome to' part on Thrasher a few days ago so check that out too. If you ask me he should have done a 270 heel out of that nollie back heel nose grind but who's really asking me? Way to go Shane! 

I was also informed that Miles Silvas left Organika. Wouldn't be a huge surprise if he joined the Primitive incentive, that dude kills it. Nike SB's Chronicles 3 came out last night that's sure to be pretty F-ing cool. Those guys over at Nike don't really do anything whack. Sk8mafia United premiered on The Berrics at midnight and as always the mafia put it down; give ya boy a shot at that shit Steve, I'll show you what #stylematters is all about. Also real quick that whole #stylematters thing is really irking the kid. Like, since when didn't style matter? Was there some period where it didn't, and now you guys have to hashtag shit to let us know that it matters? I'm just glad I missed that time it didn't matter because style obviously matters.

More importantly, in local news the one and only #Sluglife420, Nags Head's own Sam Buxton was in town last weekend and it was mind blowing as you might already know. If you've ever seen a pro skate like at some big skate park you might have gone to in a city, then you know how a video can never compare to witnessing that raw power in person. That's what it's like skating with Sam. The homie be warming up doing shit you dream about, I called him #sluglife420 bc thats his instagram hashtag. No not his profile, his hashtag. Yes, this fool is so ill he doesn't even have instagram, but if you look up that hashtag you can check his footage. Also, if you go to Durand's (@d00rand) page you can watch him, Mikey and Sam shred the shit out of this swamp ramp. That doesn't rhyme but it looks like it should, that was also a category on jeopardy earlier this week.

In even more local, non-skate news, Manteo City is having a parade and tree lighting (no not that kind) tomorrow starting at 5:30pm and if you go to Ortegaz you can buy some tacos in the Alley from yours truly (that means me bruh). Tight!