Status Check with Yung Penguin Posted on 11 Nov 11:57

What up goons its Yung Penguin and this is my first post but instead of telling you a bunch of bull about who I am and why Im writing this Ima just tell you about a bunch of hype shit. A couple weeks ago we had our yearly Trick or Street contest...or at least tried to. Due to some whack insurance policy, team owner Habs had to cancel the official throw down and instead we just had a halloweened out Saturday mega sesh. 

The session turned out to be a huge success. Plenty of OG's, young rippers, grom's showed up and even our homies wit Artisan had returned from their latest skate park building excursion. With so much ripping it was inevitable for a contest to still take place, albeit a lil mo' freestyle. At one point Habs just looked at me like,

"Yo you ready fo dis or what"

I said, "Oh shit, the contest?" 

fool was like "Word."

So without my trusty MC/Skate legend B (@kingairmaxxx) there it was up to me to organize and narrate the competition. We hastily gathered about 16 cats for a tournament style Game of Skate, followed by a best trick contest. The crew watched on as Manteo's own Seawind Marley (@old_penguin) knocked down a few groms, Forest Davis and Mikey Weeks and brought home the win for the city! (word son)

Old P takes the game of skate win!

The tournament was followed up by a big product/candy toss, a favorite for all our lil homies out there. They gathered at the foot of the bank while the goons threw out all types of stickers, socks, shirts, and candy. Made that shit rain son. After we kept the hype up with the toss it was on to the best trick contest

With all the skaters throwin down it ended up being KDH's Diego Fonseca (@eggtheskater) that took the W with a variel heelflip over the pyramid. Always nice to see a lil dude out there killing it. Everyones favorite Freestyler, Kevin Cottee aka Kamo Kev took home the win for the best costume, after skating and rocking a whoopie cushion outfit for the entire day, what a trooper. Tight. 

So every week im gonna try and post about some local activities and then let yall know about the crews own skating. Be sure to check out Coach Weeks' insta (@mikemike23) for a clip featuring himself, photgraphy guru Ace Tucker, and ya boy. My brother for life Dan Tugwell (@the_weather) also dropped a sick clip on the gram from out west where he's been steady crushing it in Wyoming.

One last thing, be sure to check out the LRG video 1947, Im not gonna write a review or anything just know that its got some ill parts and if ur bored and got 10 bucks that shit will definitely get u amped for a seshy.